Flash to the Past

I just received  new photos of one of my favorite spheres.  It is called Migration Patterns.  It was a piece studying the migration patterns of many birds from around the world.  Dan O’Brien helped with the subject matter of this piece.  The images of the birds show where they start from and when they end up in Spring and Winter. …

Dripping Dreams

Dripping Dreams is a 24” diameter sphere. It explored the subconscious side of my mind. As I work a lot with the left side of my brain now and then I like to make the other side do the work. I started this piece by loosely painting an abstract expressionistic painting on the sphere. Drips of paint were allowed to …

The Brass Bed

The Brass Bed is a 24” sphere painted in 1981. The theme was really fun. The scene on the spherical painting is a bedroom with an old brass bed in the room. The room also has two full length mirrors on the walls opposite each other. When you looked at the painting on the sphere you notice there are only …

We The People

WE THE PEOPLE is a 30″ Termesphere which has freedom trees who’s branches form the people who have been hugely involved in these different freedoms.  The roots form the forefathers of our country.  The road running throughout the piece is the Constitution of the United States.


This Big Bang Termesphere shows the beginning and end of the Universe.

Six Senses Termesphere

This 16″ Termesphere overlaps the six senses over the six vanishing points. Trees take the shape of faces who’s ears, eyes, mouths etc. overlap the vanishing points. It makes the point that the environments are only possible to understand if our senses are doing their job.

Common Grounds Sphere

My latest Termesphere is called COMMON GROUNDS.   It is a 16 ” diameter sphere of our local coffee shop.   Markie and I go for coffee there most mornings.  I spend a lot of time watching people when we are there.  Commons Grounds is a place where everyone, young and old, interact with one another.  Different tables have different topics of conversations.  The weather …