The MOVA Globe/Termesphere

Two signed and numbered MOVA Globe/Termespheres limited editions have finally come into reality.  It has taken a good three years but at last two limited edition Termespheres, the PANTHEON and FISH EYE VIEW are now in my gallery.   Turtle Tech Design is an international company that invented the solar motion sphere, MOVA Globe,  which is a sphere floating within a transparent sphere with a solar cell to provide power for the motor. is a video of these 4.5 inch MOVA Globe/Termespheres in motion.  A third one called FROM THE EARTH sphere will be coming in two or three months.   The motion is powered by solar energy so no batteries or gasoline is needed.

The MOVA Globe/Termesphere gives me a wonderful new magical motion and a great optical illusion as well as a totally new way to reproduce my work that allows it to be in full color.

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