Spirit of Gothic Hall

13″ 2005
The three-turreted Stadhuis (town hall) was originally built in the 14 th century. It is not only Belgium ‘s oldest town hall, it is also one of the finest and most richly ornamented of all the Flemish town halls. Gotische Zaal (Gothic Hall) still has its original carved-oak vaulted ceiling and biblical murals dating from 1385 and a collection of 19 th century frescoes depicting the history of the city Gothic Hall is in Bruges, Belgium. The gothic ceiling, the floor pattern and the mural on the wall all were part of my interest in creating a Termesphere of this environment. The murals have the history of the city showing many of the famous people that have lived there. I took some of them off the walls and put them into the building as ghost images.

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