New Sphere…

What I am working on at this point is a transparent 36″ diameter sphere. I started with a scene of cubical patterns projecting in six point perspective with a great deal of transparent areas between them. A variety of different size circles where drawn over this. I kept what was inside the circles transparent and painted everything on the outside of the circles with opaque white paint. This white paint now has been turned into a room that these circles (I think of them as spheres) are floating in. People are standing around in the room looking and studying the spheres floating by. The transparent spheres or bubbles have images showing up in them that are coming from the inside of the large sphere. It is interesting that when you look at the small bubbles the image moves across them. When you pull all the images together from all the individual bubbles it makes one total scene. If you get close enough to one of these holes or bubbles you can see the whole inside scene. I am not sure what that means but I think it means something. The transparent spheres do intrigue me. If designed right I can work on the convex as well as the concave sides.

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