Missouri Weave Touched Up

vermillion muralVermillion… Twenty two years ago, as an artist in the Schools, Dick painted a mural called “Missouri Weave” in Vermillion on the outside of a building at Center and Main.  At the time, it housed Modern Electric. Ten years ago, Phyllis Packard and Termes did a major touch up on it.  This September, he went back to Vermillion to refresh it again.  This time, there were many helpers, Ahna Packard came to town to be his assistant, her expertise was invaluable.  One of the big problems on the wall was what to do with a section where the stucco had fallen off and the bricks were showing. On that section, the paint had completely disappeared.  Termes finally realized the answer was obvious (see photo). The week started out with perfect weather. But before the five days were done, they had record rains.  The week’s work had really paid off, the mural is back to its past grandeur.  Thank you to Phyllis Packard for her fundraising for the project as well as her work on the wall and to Ahna and everyone who put in long hours!

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