Three Spheres with Different Directions

Most artists have a particular directions they take their art. I am pretty well known for my six point perspective spheres and I must say that is mainly the direction I play. There are however a number of other directions I find fascinating to explore. The last three pieces I have completed show some of the areas I find interesting. These three pieces show how many different directions you can take the sphere.


Dripping Dreams is an exploration of the right side of my brain. I loosely dripped paint down the sphere and explored many different colors in artistic patterns. After it dried I sat and looked at it to see what I could see in it. This is like looking at the clouds and finding images in the clouds. The images I found I would not question where they came from or what they meant. A surreal world is the outcome of this approach. My interest in Hieronymus Bosch from the 15 hundreds seems to influence some of this.


Practice What You Preach explores the basic elements for drawing. This is a class I teach where I show students how to draw by learning all the potentials of the cube, cylinder and the sphere. I show students how to add cubes to cubes and how to subtract cubes from cubes. I also do this with the cylinder and the sphere. This piece shows what can be done using only what I teach in that class. I now have this class as a DVD. In June South Dakota Public Television will begin turning the information on the DVD into an educational drawing series.


Global Peace explores a grid of concentric circles from one side to the opposite side. From these points radiating line also go from pole to pole. The given rectangles then have lines crisscrossing them throughout the sphere. Many tessellating patterns were found in this grid to give the viewer some insight into how many patterns can come from such a simple grid system. It is a good sphere for meditation. It gives the mind much to concentrate on. It is like a ever changing campfire.

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