The Pantheon MOVA Globe



This shows the total Pantheon in Rome from the center of the interior. It is the temple to all Gods of Ancient Rome. You see the up, down and all around scene from within the Pantheon. The dome is 142 foot diameter as is the height to the oculus or the hole in the center of the dome. This was painted by Termes in 1998.

What is a MOVA Globe?

Artist Dick Termes has teamed up with MOVA Globes and together they have created 4.5″ diameter miniature Termespheres that contain solar cells that cause the spheres to rotate almost magically. The revolutionary device inside the MOVA globes compliment the Termespheres perfectly.
Because they need no batteries or plugs, these revolving three-dimensional environments can be enjoyed and admired anywhere.
Three fingered acrylic base is included.
Each Termesphere by MOVA is individually signed and numbered by the artist.