Geometries Around Us + Magic Magnet Sticks




Magic Magnetic Sticks

The Magic Magnetic Sticks building set empowers you with fun materials to develop your imagination and talents! Construct triangles, cubes, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron and combinations of them all. Build houses, tipis, your own structures and shapes. Magic Sticks give you unlimited power and endless fun. Not for Children under the age of 3. 108 pcs

Geometries Around Us

To understand the world we live in one must understand three- dimensional geometries called polyhedra. Polyhedra are all around us, used by nature and built by man. Dick Termes demonstrates how to build twenty different polyhedron with Magic Magnetic Sticks. Using the magnetic sticks and steel balls, he shows how to construct the five platonic solids as well as all the intermixing of these solids. He also demonstrates how to build chains of polyhedra. Learning these three-dimensional geometries will help you discover the wonderful order that runs throughout the Universe.