From the Earth MOVA Globe


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When you first look at this sphere you might see designs on a piece of south west pottery. As the sphere turns these same patterns transform into a realistic scene of pueblo buildings, mountains and clouds on the backside. You mentally move from looking at the outside the pottery to the inside of a realistic scene with one revolution.

What is a MOVA Globe?

Artist Dick Termes has teamed up with MOVA Globes and together they have created 4.5″ diameter miniature Termespheres that contain solar cells that cause the spheres to rotate almost magically. The revolutionary device inside the MOVA globes compliment the Termespheres perfectly.
Because they need no batteries or plugs, these revolving three-dimensional environments can be enjoyed and admired anywhere.
Three fingered acrylic base is included.
Each Termesphere by MOVA is individually signed and numbered by the artist.