Black Hills MOVA Globe



 If you’ve ever visited the Black Hills (or better yet, if you live there) you know you will always carry a piece of it with you when you leave. Now you have the chance to own a unique piece of art that captures the essence of what we all love about this special region.

Dick Termes, world renown painter, perfectly represents some of the area’s most iconic landmarks in his Black Hills Termesphere.

Now that art piece has been transformed into a solar powered 4.5 inch reproduction Termesphere that rotates noiselessly, almost hypnotically. It’s like magic! It will generate compliments, comments and it’s a great conversation starters

This unique gift item is for art lovers, home decorators, tech geeks, Black Hills lovers, and more. The sphere’s silent movement reflects the steady rotation of the earth while sparking conversation and wonder for anyone who comes across its path.

  • The sphere uses solar technology to rotate silently on its own with any ambient indoor light or indirect sunlight, no batteries or wires required. Handmade with acrylic shells and non-toxic fluids
  • The Black Hills MOVA Globe comes with easy-to-assemble 3-pronged acrylic stand and user manual, all in secure foam packaging.
  • It adds a classy touch to any room, office desk, or conference table.