Life’s Ups and Downs

The latest Termesphere is called LIFE’S UPS AND DOWNS.   It is a 16” diameter sphere which played off of a 15th century stairway in India that helped people get to a source of water far below.  These stairways interested me because they didn’t just go straight up but rather up and out with each new set.  If you look at the image of this sphere you will see that.  As you go up to the next level you gain more and more stairs.  It was a great challenge to my perspective system.  In my painting, humans who are working their way up, find evil monsters under many of the stairways.  They have to get by these evil creatures or confront them.  Sometimes they have to go sideways or even back down the stairs to find the proper way to continue their life’s progress.

THE SMITH RANCH SPHERE, commissioned by Jeanette and Nels Smith,   is now hanging in a stairwell in their new home on Sand Creek near Beulah Wyoming.   It has a wonderful home.  Each new commission I do, I learn a lot about a new subject.   I learned a lot about ranch life and landscape doing the Smith Ranch south of Sundance Wyoming.  I learned a great deal of the history of that area too.

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  1. Life’s Ups and Downs….. This is the piece that is traveling the state with the South Dakota Governor’s Biennial Art Exhibition

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