Lakota Headmen

Lakota Headmen – Sitting Bull, Black Elk, American Horse, Red Cloud, Big Foot, Little Wound, Red Shirt, Gall, Short Bull, Spotted Tail and Crazy Horse’s Shield (as there are no pictures) call all be found in this teepee.

This piece was enlarged to eight foot tall for the Little Wound High School in Kyle South Dakota with the help of the High School Art Department students. The original is 17″ tall and about 15″ across.

This double hexagon pyramid was painted in 1999 and is owned by the artist Dick Termes. Crazy Horses’ design is found in the teepee close to the fire. This piece has also been produced as a black and white poster.

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  1. I would like to know if you sell your wonderful works of art? I watched the “We The People” and it’s magnificent. My nephew sent me this webpage and happy he did. You have been given the true artist technique from above, thank you so much for sharing.

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    Hi Sherry, Not sure if I answered this note from you. Yes I do sell my work. If you would like a price sheet to go with the Termesphere section of my site I would be happy to send that to you. Just let me know at Thanks, Dick Termes

  3. I saw one of your spheres at Treasures Jewelry in Glendale. How would I go about purchawsing the Lakota Headmen?

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