Indra’s Net Delivered to San Francisco

Termes has been working for about five months to complete a commission Termesphere called Indra’s Net. Indra’s Net is a concept that everything in the Universe is covered by a net.  Each knot in the net is a crystal that reflects every other crystal so all actions affect everything.  This 24” sphere is transparent.  Termes started with a full painting of the net, depicted as neurons of the brain.  He painted this on the outside of the sphere.  Then he covered everything with many layers of gesso (white acrylic paint)  except for transparent bubbles that allowed you to look into the painting that now looked like it had been painted on the inside . Then he painted  a seascape on the outside along with the Big Bang. But the bubbles still let you see inside. So this becomes a triple paintings, allowing you to see the painting on the inside, the painting on the outside and how the two interact.  This was a most challenging sphere to do but it was also very fun.

In September, Dick and his wife, Markie, delivered Indra’s Net to its owner north of San Francisco.  It is a wonderful location. A magnificent octagonal home overlooking the Pacific through a gorgeous wooded area. It is the perfect home for Indra’s Net.

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