Dripping Dreams

Dripping Dreams is a 24” diameter sphere. It explored the subconscious side of my mind. As I work a lot with the left side of my brain now and then I like to make the other side do the work. I started this piece by loosely painting an abstract expressionistic painting on the sphere. Drips of paint were allowed to run down the sphere. These were later turned into drips within the painting. After finishing the abstract piece and exploring some very fun color combinations I let the piece dry. When it was dry I looked at it like you look at clouds to see what you can find for realistic images in them. These images were brought out just enough so others might see them. I moved throughout the piece finding people, birds, dragons, unrecognizable animals and strange beings. I thought about the work of Hieronymus Bosch’s painting on some of this. When I paint this kind of piece I don’t worry about why I am painting what I am painting. I allow whatever happens to happen. Others, I am sure will find some meaning.

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