Drawing Class from SDPB

For many years, I have been working on an approach to drawing that has worked very well in workshops. This method is to teach anyone (even those who think they cannot draw a straight line) to express themselves and their ideas visually. After more than three years, Asio Studio in Rapid City and I produced an instructional drawing DVD called “Basic Elements of Drawing”. We presented this to South Dakota Public Broadcasting. They were very interested and decided we should expand it into a major production. This last summer we spent a couple of weeks in my studio adding more footage to that DVD. But that was only the beginning! SDPB spent hours editing it and creating lesson plans. We now have 22 sessions of “Art Basics with Dick Termes”. Everyone at SDPB was great and a special thanks to Steven Rokusek, Paul Ebsen and Carol Johnson who were wonderful to work with and put a lot of their own creativity into this production.

My hope is that people from ages 10 to 90 will view this program to help them realize that they can study this simple method to learn to express themselves visually and that you don’t have to be an artist to be able to draw! I hope also teachers from across the country will use it with their students to help them with their skills in drawing. I think it would be nice if all people could draw well enough to express themselves in a visual way.

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