Clock Tower (Our Home)

Putting this sphere on the clock tower in Spearfish on the corner of Hudson and Main St  was the inspiration of Cheryl Johnson.  Termes spent   six months creating this piece of art. Because this is an outdoor piece, it took a lot of extra precautions. The sphere which is 3 feet across had to be primed, like a car. The paint was outdoor sign painting paint. When the piece was finished, it received three coats of clear coat. It should stand up to Spearfish’s weather without any trouble.  It shows a world nested in mountains surrounding Spearfish, Lookout Mountain, Crow Peak and Spearfish Mountain.   The world floating inside is stairways going in and out and up and down with people doing the activities found in Spearfish.  It sits on top of a 12 foot brick clock tower and  rotates with the help of a wheel turning gears which was designed by Jared Capp from Spearfish.   The unveiling took place on July 30th. On a very hot day there was a great crowd that came. It was emceed by Kabe Termes with music by Lang Termes.  A reception followed at the Matthews Art Center.

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