A Round Town – Termesphere in 4 minutes.

I am most pleased with this video where we took six months of work an condensed it into four minutes. Sometimes life seems like it is that short. I am pleased with this art piece in that it allowed my six point perspective to really show up. The structure running through the whole piece also holds the images together. My style of painting is a cross between pointillism and impressionism but with a very tight outer line. I like this kind of color as it makes the mind of the viewer do the mixing rather than the artist.


Lakota Headmen

Lakota Headmen – Sitting Bull, Black Elk, American Horse, Red Cloud, Big Foot, Little Wound, Red Shirt, Gall, Short Bull, Spotted Tail and Crazy Horse’s Shield (as there are no pictures) call all be found in this teepee.

This piece was enlarged to eight foot tall for the Little Wound High School in Kyle South Dakota with the help of the High School Art Department students. The original is 17″ tall and about 15″ across.

This double hexagon pyramid was painted in 1999 and is owned by the artist Dick Termes. Crazy Horses’ design is found in the teepee close to the fire. This piece has also been produced as a black and white poster.


Patterns of Reflection

Patterns of Reflection is a 24″ diameter Termesphere. It is a study of reflections in a pond. You as the viewer are in the middle of the pond turning in a circle looking at the trees around you and their reflections into the water. Working with the sphere and imagining he was within a transparent sphere in the pond I studied how the reflections worked.

“The sphere teaches us things the flat surface doesn’t.” I learned that all the trees around me reflect straight to a point on the bottom of the ball. I also learned that all the motion in the water that one sees comes from concentric circles echoing out from the point on the bottom of the ball. It also is a beautiful scene.


Reflecting Back

Reflecting Back is a 17″ diameter sphere that was painted in 1989. Deadwood South Dakota is very close to where I live. Much of this painting was done on location in the Adams House. This house is now owned by the city of Deadwood. This is one of my best examples of the six point perspective system.

The ghost image of Mr. Adams is shown looking in the window and Mary Adams is standing in the dining room. It is as though you are standing in the living room and turning in a circle seeing everything around you as well as above and below you.


Spherical Thinking

This is a demo video for Spherical Thinking, a DVD video available in my Online Store. The actual video features descriptions of all the the spheres you see here and many many more! Head on over to the store and pick one up!

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