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PIERRE — Looking at the world through a sphere can give a person a unique perspective just as painting the world on a sphere has given Spearfish artist Dick Termes an “inside-out” view on life.

Termes, the creator of Termespheres art, is an internationally acclaimed artist whose work is one-of-a-kind spherical paintings.

“His work is such a unique form of art,” the South Dakota Discovery Center’s executive director Kristie Maher said. “He is recognized as a master artist. It’s great that South Dakota kids to get to be that close to a world-recognized artist.”

Shawna Bleecker | Capital Journal
Stanley County Elementary School second-grader Alex Singleton (left) listens and learns about Termespheres from the art-form creator Dick Termes Friday afternoon at the South Dakota Discovery Center

According to Termes’ Web site, “What you are seeing when you look at a Termesphere painting is an optical illusion. An inside-out view of the total physical world around you on the outside surface of a hanging and rotating sphere.”

Termespheres capture the all-around visual world from one revolving point in space, so no matter which direction the eye looks at the sphere — from above, below or from the side — the image looks correct.

“It is the complete environment around you,” said Termes, who opted to paint an entire environment as opposed to a small portion like most artists do.

Friday afternoon Termes taught a couple of local children the art of drawing with a 12-point perspective. The 12-point perspective gives artists a central point on paper to draw from and provides a grid to show a balance of distance in art.

“You just make boxes,” Lindsey Bishop said as if the concept was old news to her. “You just follow the lines on the grid.”

“It’s pretty neat,” said 11-year-old Marcella Lees. “It is easier to draw with grid lines.”

“It was really neat to hear him explain the spheres,” said area mother Michelle Lees, who brought her children to the event. “I love the way he simplified the perspective. It is not an easy thing to teach.”

Second-grade Stanley County G.O.L.D. student Slader Tople, 7, enjoyed putting together one of Termes’ tetrahedron puzzle exhibits, which also are on display.

“It looks like you’re in it watching the baseball games,” he said. “It’s pretty cool!”

The Termesphere exhibit, sponsored in part by the South Dakota Arts Council, will be on display at the South Dakota Discovery Center through the month of December.

For those who missed a learning opportunity with the artist Termes himself, don’t worry, he will be back.

“He doesn’t come annually,” Maher said. “But we have had him come several times over the past 14 years.”

“When people look at my artwork I hope they walk away with an awareness of the total visual space,” Termes said. “I want to have people be aware of the big picture. That’s a lot to ask from one piece of art.”

Or is it?

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